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urban roots & a not so normal life

Growing up in the Dearborn Homes projects on Chicago’s South Side, marrying a high-school sweetheart, making it to the NFL, learning to grow food & raise chickens and grooming people to live a mindful life is an Herban Myth.

After a long bout in the NFL with injuries and increased pain the Mays family set out to help recover & heal through nutrition and natural medicine. Since 2012 they have continued to expand their knowledge on medicinal herbs and natural measure of self care from different countries around the world.

In 2016 Joe Mays was healed from 2 surgeries via natural medicine. Though the natural healing process was not enough to land him back on the field, the family has been able to help countless people incorporate natural healing into their own lives.

At The Laya Center, the Mays family created a dreamy oasis for everyday people to become educated on Natural Medicine, Holistic Wellness, and Meditation. Toyia studies herbalism when moving to the KC area and started implementing medicinal herbs into the family’s daily meals. After helping so many people with herbal advice and through services at her Wellness Center, she decided to offer plant based powders for everyday life & maximum vitality.